Sunday, 27 March 2011

Interview with an Artist - Jane Sherwood

Jane Sherwood, host of yesterday’s JKPP meet-up in Oxford, tells us here about herself, her art, and her involvement with the group.
She is pictured, second from the right, with other JKPP members at the Oxford event, holding portraits of themselves by other JKPP members. Fellow organiser Martin Beek is pictured second from left.

Tell us a little about yourself
I am a vicar in a small church/community centre in South Oxford, a church that has a very artistic heart. I have a husband and two kids – Sam and Sophia . I work at home, working from photos or still life. I enjoy the challenge of working from live subjects, when I have the opportunity.
Tell us about your art
I have reawakened to art in 2010, having not done much for many years. But now I want to paint in every spare minute. I am moved by beauty and am always attempting to capture and interpret it.
Tell us about your technique
Since my reawakening in 2010 I have been working mainly in acrylics. I love vibrant colours and the visibility of this medium.
Tell us about the reaction you’ve had to your work
I have found my main encouragement to continue painting on Flickr, and in participating in JKPP and `Lots of Landscapes’. These groups stretch, encourage and inspire me continually.
Tell us about who inspired/inspires you
I am particularly inspired by Matisse, Renoir, Van Gogh and Gauguin. Other Flickr artists always inspire me, as well as my current favourite art book.
Tell us about you and JKPP
JKPP has been the main reason for me starting into portraiture. It is an incredibly inspiring, accepting and encouraging group. It has become more than an interest group. It is a community of real people who love art, and is something of an art movement.
Watch this space to find out more about other JKPP artists who met up to draw and paint each other in the church/community centre where Jane is a vicar.


  1. Nice works and smiling artists! Seems to have been a very successful event!

  2. Wow, that was quick!
    These interviews are going to be really interesting. It's great to learn a little bit more about Jane. I tried to sketch Sophia at the meetup but as Grietje was saying, it's really tricky to capture children without ageing them too much!
    Thank you Jane for sharing your church and hosting and organising a great meetup party!
    Thank you Stella for organising some great interviews! :-)

  3. Thanks Stella and Jane for sharing - the interviews are a great idea and I look forward to finding out more about everyone

  4. Agree all above- thank you Jane for hosting and telling us a little about yourself - really fun - and to Stella for interviewing - and to everyone for great portraits and great community!

  5. The pleasure's been mine, finding out more about other JKPP artists... Martin Beek's interview will be next.