Friday, 30 March 2012

Portrait of Zoraida/Arsaytoma

Zoraida was my first flickr friend and she joined the Portrait Party soon after me. She is a generous spirit with a lively sense of humour and a great drawing style in both traditional and digital media. thanks to several JKPP meet ups we have met in the real world and enjoyed each others company. Recently I went to Barcelona to draw with some JKPPers and other artists, staying with Zoraida and enjoyed her marvellous hospitality. I have done other portraits of her but this linocut portrait has been selected by the Royal Society of Portrait Painters for their annual exhibition in May this year! If you are in London at that time do go and see it along with all the other portraits on display.
I am in the final months of a 2 year portrait painting diploma and wouldn't have enjoyed it or improved my drawing practice so much without Julia's marvellous party which lets me look at faces as often and as long as I like whenever I want. Vital for a portrait artist!
thank you Julia and Zoraida both for being part of my portrait adventure!